Why You Need Good Periodontal Health

encinitas gum healthThe health of your gums is vital for keeping your smile whole and avoiding uncomfortable symptoms in your daily life. But when you develop periodontal disease, this could lead to serious trouble unless you begin to manage it. In our latest blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist talks about why you need good gum health.

The Causes of the Disease

The issue starts with inflammation, also known as gingivitis. Your gums could be inflamed due to tobacco use, poor brushing and flossing habits, and a diet high in sugar and starch, all factors that create plaque buildup that inflames these tissues. Inflammatory illnesses and certain medications, as well as a family history of the disease, are also common factors. Without treatment to reverse inflammation, this could reach a stage in which gums pull away from the teeth and allow disease-causing bacteria to enter. This means the onset of periodontal disease and without treatment, serious impacts on the health and stability of your smile.

Health Impacts

The disease could cause negative changes to your smile’s appearance, as receding gums make teeth appear long and uneven. You could also experience uncomfortable symptoms, such as sore, red gums that bleed easily. Without care, this could reach the periodontitis stage, which destroys the tissues that connect your teeth and gums. This is the number one cause of adult tooth loss, and could leave gaps behind in your smile. You’re also at a greater risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, dementia, and even rheumatoid arthritis. Good periodontal health means protecting your smile, so the tissues that frame your smile and support your teeth remain strong and intact.

Starting Treatment

If you begin to exhibit one or more of the symptoms we discussed above, then please reach out to our team right away. We will carefully examine your smile with advanced imaging technology so we can make a diagnosis with precision and accuracy. For early stages, we could take a preventive approach with holistic treatments, such as scaling and root planings, or Ozone Therapy. For more advanced stages, we could correct recession with the Pinhole Surgical Technique, and use dental lasers to remove diseased tissues and reshape the gum line.

If you have any questions about how our team will diagnose and treat issues like periodontal disease to keep your smile whole and healthy, and to safeguard your overall health too, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk to Dr. Kania About Avoiding Tooth Loss and Other Complications

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