Using LANAP To Fight Gum Disease

There are actions you can take on a daily basis to prevent gum disease. By keeping up with good oral hygiene, you can protect yourself from letting bacteria accumulate below your gum line and create issues with gingivitis. However, if you are someone who is already struggling with periodontal disease, more than just good habits can be necessary for maintaining your full smile. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice provides more advanced services to fight periodontal disease. One thing we can do is recommend services with lasers to deal with both unwelcome bacteria and infected or damaged gum tissues. For someone who is trying to manage a more severe infection, this can provide important benefits.

Do Your Periodontal Problems Call For Laser Treatment?

What do you gain from arranging periodontal treatment with LANAP laser technology? When you have problems with more advanced gum disease, laser treatment can offer benefits over manual services that address bacteria and damaged tissues. By using a laser instead of a scalpel, we can preserve more of your healthy tissues, and we can limit any bleeding that may occur during care. Our ability to perform more precise care means less damage and shorter healing times for patients after their treatment.

Arranging Laser Treatment To Fight Advanced Gum Disease

We can perform laser treatment to carefully access the roots of teeth where bacteria are gathered and spreading. By revealing these spaces, we can carefully clear away harmful bacteria, and we can then trim away damaged surrounding tissues. The removal of unhealthy tissues will encourage your body to repair damage by growing healthy tissues in their place.

We Also Offer Treatments With The REPAIR WaterLase Laser

Our practice relies on more than one type of laser. Because we can use different tools, we can do more to personalize the care of someone who wants to bring your infection under control! In addition to using LANAP, we can use the REPAIR WaterLase laser to fight problems with your health. Our practice continues to rely on laser services to combat issues that can seriously impact your appearance and general well-being.

Discuss Laser Periodontal Treatment With Dr. Kania!

When gum disease is not managed in time, it can cause significant problems. Those problems can be difficult to manage, but letting them go unchecked can lead to difficulties with tooth loss and general health problems! One thing that Dr. Kania can do to fight your infection is perform treatments with lasers to both destroy bacteria and remove unhealthy periodontal tissues. To find out more about these services, or to discuss other approaches we can take to fight bacteria and preserve your gum health, please call our office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.