Periodontal Disease And Tooth Loss

encinitas gum diseaseGum disease means sore, red gums that bleed daily, but did you know that lack of treatment could also mean tooth loss? In fact, the advanced stage of the disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss! In today’s blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist talks about how we can help treat the disease and prevent the loss of your natural teeth.

The Causes of Gum Disease

The disease develops when your gum tissues become irritated and inflamed, which causes them to pull away from the teeth and form pockets at the gum line. Once disease-causing bacteria enter these pockets, the patient suffers from gum disease. The underlying inflammation, also known as gingivitis, could be caused by poor oral hygiene habits and/or a diet high in sugar and starch, factors that cause plaque buildup that irritates the gingival tissues. Other factors include a family history of periodontal disease, certain medications, inflammatory illnesses, and tobacco use. The warning signs often include soreness in the gums, redness, bleeding, and recession. When one or more of these potential symptoms develops, please let us know right away.

The Link to Tooth Loss

Without treatment, the disease will continue to grow in severity until you develop periodontitis, the advanced stage. This stage means worsening recession and destruction of the tissues connecting your teeth and gums. Your teeth become loose and could even fall out. In fact, this is the number one cause of adult otoh loss! Which is why when you notice changes to your gingival issues, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our team. We will conduct a detailed examination to assess the cause and severity of the disease so we can choose the right treatment plans. While periodontal disease cannot be cured, we can manage it to keep your smile whole and healthy.

Treatment to Preserve Your Smile

Our team could use dental lasers to remove diseased tissues and allow healthy ones to reattach to the teeth. We could also use lasers as part of our gum grafting procedure to address receded tissues and prevent tooth decay and other complications. For the early stages, or to manage it following laser treatment, we could offer deep cleanings, supportive periodontal maintenance, oxygen therapy, and other holistic options too. If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat gum disease to prevent tooth loss and keep your smile whole, then contact our team today to learn more.

Speak With Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA Periodontist About Safeguarding Your Smile

We want to help you avoid the negative impacts of untreated periodontal disease. If you would like to find out more about keeping your smile healthy and whole, please call Dr. Kania’s laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.