Could Ozone Therapy Enhance Your Gum Health?

Keeping your gums healthy is an important part of your overall oral hygiene routine, and in many ways, it’s just as simple. By preventing oral bacteria from accumulating heavily on your gum line, you can largely prevent the conditions that lead to gingivitis and more serious gum disease. However, controlling oral and periodontal bacteria isn’t always as simple as it seems. When periodontal disease develops, removing the bacteria that cause it requires professional care. Fortunately, we can often minimize your treatment with the help of conservative and biocompatible treatment options, such as ozone therapy.

The nature of harmful oral bacteria

The most effective way to protect your oral and periodontal health from the threat of oral bacteria is to prevent the bacteria from causing harm. This typically involves routinely removing oral bacteria from your teeth and gums with consistently good dental hygiene. However, once bacteria have become a threat, such as in the case of gum disease, it’s necessary to neutralize the threat with minimally invasive treatment. For many of the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, their anaerobic nature means treatment such as ozone therapy can help many patients significantly streamline their treatment.

Why ozone therapy works

Ozone therapy is one of many advanced periodontal treatment options we offer that are designed to enhance several aspects of your treatment at once. During ozone therapy, an oxygen-rich fluid can be used to target bacterial colonies underneath periodontal tissues, neutralizing them before they can cause more damage. The oxygen neutralizes the anaerobic bacteria without causing any harm to healthy tissues, and because it’s applied as a fluid, it can reach areas of your mouth and periodontal tissues that you can’t reach with routine oral hygiene tools.

Maintaining your better periodontal health

One of the greatest advantages of minimally invasive periodontal treatment is that it not only makes the treatment process more efficient, but also helps improve your long-term periodontal health care and maintenance. Maintaining your good periodontal health after experiencing gingivitis or more severe gum disease means preserving as much of your healthy periodontal tissues and ligaments as possible. With treatment such as ozone therapy, as well as platelet-rich therapy, laser treatment, and more, you can preserve an optimal amount of this tissue while addressing your unique periodontal disease.

Learn if you’re a candidate for ozone therapy

With the help of minimally invasive ozone therapy, maintaining your good periodontal health could be more comfortable and convenient than you expect. For more information, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.