We Can Fight Unwelcome Bacteria With Ozone Therapy

How does periodontal disease become a problem? When we clean our teeth each day, we remove harmful bacteria that can cause tartar buildup, cavities, and infections that hurt our gum tissues. If you fail to effectively guard your gum line when you brush and floss, those bacteria can infect your periodontal tissues and cause gingivitis, which can progress into a more serious infection if not treated in time. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice offers several procedures to help patients fight the effects of periodontal disease. One method, ozone therapy, will see concentrations of oxygen administered to your gum line. When performed, this can help you by fighting unwelcome bacteria, but leaving helpful microbes unharmed.

Not All Microbes In Your Mouth Are Harmful

While there are many forms of unwanted bacteria in your mouth, not all of the microbes present are harmful. Ozone therapy can be particularly useful because we can attack those unwelcome agents while preserving healthy microbes. As a result, it is easier for you to sustain your mouth’s proper ecosystem.

Arranging Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can be administered via a gas, or with a liquid substance. The treatment directly targets infected periodontal tissues in order to kill the microbes that are hurting your oral and periodontal health. This can give you a big boost in your efforts to fight periodontal disease, because it hurts harmful bacteria while preserving the healthy agents that help you sustain a healthy mouth. This treatment, along with regularly scheduled preventive periodontal treatments, can help you avoid complications from periodontal disease that lead to attachment loss, and eventually tooth loss.

We Offer A Range Of Modern Services To Combat The Effects Of Periodontal Disease

At our practice, we rely on modern tools and techniques to help people fight periodontal disease. In order to help you regrow healthy tissues, we may suggest periodontal treatment with lasers to clear away infected portions of your gum line. With lasers, we can shorten your recovery time and preserve more of your healthy tissues. We can also use preventive services like scaling and root planing procedures, as well as supportive periodontal maintenance, to remove bacteria buildup.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Starting Ozone Therapy

If you currently struggle with symptoms of periodontal disease, it may be time to consider ozone therapy. With ozone therapy performed by Dr. Kania, you can do something about unwelcome bacteria attacking your periodontal tissues, but preserve those microbes that are beneficial to your oral health. This is one of many services that we currently provide to people who visit our office. We can use different procedures to help you maintain your healthy gums, or fight infections that have done serious damage to your tissues. For more information, call our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice today at (760) 642-0711.