Am I Destined to Lose Teeth if I Have Gum Disease?

Of all the potential causes of adult tooth loss, severe periodontal disease is the leading one among adults in the United States. Also known as gum disease, the condition relentlessly attacks your gums and periodontal tissues, eventually reaching your jawbone structure and eroding it, too. This process can leave one or more of your teeth without adequate support, and they may fall out or require extraction because your dental ridge can no longer retain them. The good news, however, is that periodontal disease is highly preventable with consistent hygiene and preventive dental care. Even if you do develop gum disease, seeking expert care from your periodontist can help you avoid losing one or more teeth to the disease.

Why Periodontal Disease Causes Tooth Loss

When it first develops, the earliest stage of gum disease (gingivitis) can cause symptoms like inflammation, redness, and bleeding in your gums. At this stage, it may still be reversible; yet, many patients don’t realize the danger in these seemingly minor signs and forget or neglect to schedule a dental appointment. By the time many patients realize they have gum disease, or by the time they finally heed their dentists’ warnings, enough damage has been done that tooth loss or extraction become inevitable.

How to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

One of the biggest problems with gum disease is that, in its severe stages, it can no longer be reversed or cured. Protecting your smile from existing gum disease requires routine periodontal maintenance, and if necessary, laser periodontal treatment to stop the disease from progressing. As an expert in helping you maintain your smile’s foundation, your periodontist can help you ensure that your smile stays safe from gum disease.

Save Your Smile with Expert Periodontal Care

Even if you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you may still have a good chance of preventing tooth loss with a regular schedule of expert periodontal care. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.