Will Halloween Candy Impact Your Gums?

kania-halloween-gum-healthThis weekend millions of kids and adults will be attending parties and trick or treating. Between scary movies and fun costumes, Halloween is a wonderful holiday. However, the increased consumption of candy can put your teeth at risk of developing tooth decay. But what about your gums? Will Halloween candy also have a negative impact on your gum health?

Plaque Buildup and Gum Disease

How does candy hurt your gingival tissue? When you consume foods high in sugar and other starches, the bacteria will break down the particles left behind on or between your teeth. This process then increases oral acidity while coating teeth in plaque, a bacterial byproduct. In addition to weakening tooth enamel and leading to decay, plaque also irritates the gums, which can cause gingivitis. As the inflamed gums pull away from the teeth and form pockets, the chances of gum disease developing increases.

When Should I See a Periodontist?

If you notice your gums appear redder or feel more sensitive, then contact your periodontist. Other symptoms include bleeding, swelling, receding gums, or chronic bad breath. If you think one or more of these symptoms describe the current state of your smile, then contact a professional right away to recieve a diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options.

The Risks Associated with Untreated Gum Disease

Without treatment, gum disease can eventually reach the advanced stage. Also known as periodontitis, the advanced stage can cause the deterioration of the connective tissue that holds the gums to the teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss. If you have any questions about gum disease, or what steps you need to follow to help protect your smile, then contact our office today.


As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Ann M. Kania is specially qualified to diagnose and treat issues concerning periodontal tissue and the supportive structures of a patient’s smile, as well as place dental implants to restore teeth lost to dental disease or trauma. Dr. Kania also offers the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) for minimally-invasive, scalpel-free gum grafting. To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.