What’s Different About LANAP Periodontal Treatment?

Preventing, treating, and managing periodontal disease are highly personalized procedures. Some patients may be more susceptible to the disease due to certain risk factors, in which case prevention may require more focused care on their periodontal health. Patients who do exhibit the disease do so to different degrees of severity. Treating the disease and stopping it from growing worse will depend on the extent to which it has already been allowed to develop. For many patients, managing periodontal disease is simpler, more comfortable, and more effective with the help of laser-assisted treatment, or LANAP, which involves the use of a specially calibrated soft-tissue laser to promote more holistic treatment and healing of your gums.

What Does LANAP Mean?

LANAP stands for laser-assisted new attachment protocol, and it can often replace the need for scalpel-based periodontal surgery. Using the advanced Periolase laser, Dr. Kania can carefully trim away any diseased periodontal tissues so that they don’t continue to threaten your healthy smile. Because of its unmatched precision and ability to eradicate harmful oral bacteria in the process, the laser also makes it easier for healthy tissues to heal and reattach to your teeth roots.

Are There Benefits Compared to Traditional Treatment?

While periodontal surgery with a scalpel is highly effective as part of traditional periodontal maintenance, utilizing a laser instead offers patients a wide variety of benefits. For example, the laser’s enhanced precision means there is minimal trauma to surrounding tissues, which equates to little or no bleeding during the procedure. Healing often doesn’t require sutures, and patients have a reduced risk of infection following their periodontal treatment.

Ask Dr. Kania if You Can Benefit from LANAP

For many patients, laser-assisted periodontal treatment offers a more comfortable procedure as well as more precise and successful results. This means a reduced risk of periodontal disease growing more severe and leading to complications such as tooth loss. For more information, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.