What Role Can Laser Treatment Play In Periodontal Care?

Fighting periodontal disease is important, as the problem can create notable consequences if it is not managed. At the initial stage of an infection, when someone experiences gingivitis, they can experience periodontal swelling, reddening, and bleeding. When the problem progresses, the bacteria that accumulate under your gums can start causing serious damage to the tissues that keep your teeth in place. That destruction can cause a person to suffer tooth loss over time. In addition to affecting your smile and oral health, periodontal disease can also elevate your risk for suffering heart disease! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can fight the bacteria under your gums by using advanced, laser-based periodontal treatment!

Bacteria Buildup Underneath Your Gums Can Create Difficult Problems

Without diligent oral hygiene habits, you can allow bacteria to gather at your gum line, and eventually travel below to cause gum disease. As the bacteria under your gums gather and accumulate, you can start to have real problems with your oral health, particularly when these bacteria manage to cause harm to the bone and gum tissues that are holding your teeth in place. This condition can be particularly difficult to contain if it is not addressed while you are still at the gingivitis stage.

Using LANAP To Safely Clear Away Periodontal Bacteria

The LANAP protocol is a laser-based treatment option for a person who is trying to do something about their periodontal health woes. Your periodontist will use lasers to carefully remove bacteria by trimming away infected tissues. The removal of these damaged tissues will allow you to begin healing, and growing back healthy gums.

While a procedure to clear away unhealthy periodontal tissues can be done with a scalpel, our practice uses lasers because they provide greater accuracy, and faster healing. This means we can preserve more of your healthy tissues while tending to your infection. Lasers also cauterize your gums, which lowers the risk of infection, limits bleeding, and encourages you to heal more quickly!

Other Services We Provide To Help Fight Periodontal Disease

We have several modern, patient-friendly solutions to problems with periodontal disease. We can directly target the harmful bacteria affecting your gums, and leave healthy microbes protected, by performing ozone therapy. We can also take steps to encourage more growth of healthy tissues by providing platelet rich plasma therapy.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Using LANAP To Address Your Periodontal Disease

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, Dr. Kania wants patients to know that they can enjoy modern, effective answers to problems associated with periodontal disease! Our practice is ready to help you prevent problems with gum disease, and we can take on existing problems that might be impacting your life. To benefit from Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.