What Could You Eat to Improve Your Oral Health?

The food that you eat doesn’t just fuel your own body; it also fuels the oral bacteria that reside naturally in your mouth. The substances that many of the bacteria produce as a result of metabolizing nutrients are the main building blocks behind progressive issues like periodontal disease. However, not everything you eat is a threat to your oral health. In fact, like the rest of your body, your teeth, gums, and oral structures rely on a healthy supply of the right minerals and nutrients, and a lack of them is why some patients in Encinitas/San Diego may have trouble preventing dental disease.

Important Nutrients for Smile

  • Calcium – Calcium is one of the most widely-used minerals in your body, and it’s necessary to keep your jawbone and teeth strong and healthy. It also helps keep your periodontal tissues healthy and resilient against the harmful effects of oral bacteria. Calcium is found abundantly in dairy products, as well lean meats and green, leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D is vital for several reasons. For example, it boosts your ability to fight disease through its antioxidant properties, and it gives your body the ability to absorb and use the calcium you consume. Vitamin D is also found in many of the same sources as calcium, as well as in eggs and certain types of fish.
  • Iron – Iron makes it possible for your blood stream to carry oxygen throughout the rest of your body, including your oral and periodontal tissues. Being deficient in iron can make you more likely to develop an oral health disease or make it harder for you to heal after a dental or periodontal procedure.

Learn More About Improving Your Oral Health

Keeping your teeth and gums free of oral bacteria is vital to your smile, but so is feeding it the nutrients it needs to remain strong, healthy, and free of disease. For more information, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.