What are Pinhole Gum Grafts?

kaniagumgraftHave you noticed your gums receding? Do they often appear red, feel sore, or even bleed when you brush or floss? These may be the common warning signs of periodontal disease, a serious dental issue that can eventually lead to adult tooth loss. With a gum grafting procedure, we can restore receding gums and improve your oral health. What are pinhole gum grafts?

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinhole Gum Grafts

Question: Why do we need gum grafts?

Answer: When the gums begin to recede and separate from the teeth grafting may be necessary to reattach healthy gum tissue to the teeth. Otherwise, you may experience an increased risk of adult tooth loss.

Question: What causes gum recession?

Answer: Why do our gums recede? Periodontal disease occurs when the gums become inflamed. The early stages of the disease include sore gums that appear red and may bleed easily. As they inflame they may pull away from the teeth. As the disease progresses, the connective tissue between the teeth and gums will continue to dissolve, leading to loose or lost teeth.  Other causes of recession include aggressive brushing, abrasive and erosive foods and drinks and a traumatic bite.

Question: How does the gum graft procedure work?

Answer: Pinhole gum graft procedures are considered more conservative that traditional grafting procedures. The treatment involves making a very small hole in the gums; special equipment will then be used to reposition the gums to an optimal setting. A material made from biocompatible collagen will then be used to heal the tissue and allow the gums to better bond with the tooth roots again.

Question: What are the benefits of the pinhole grafting procedure?

Answer: The procedure doesn’t require traditional incisions or sutures.


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