We Use Modern Treatments To Fight Periodontal Bacteria

How concerning is a case of periodontal disease? When you have gingivitis, the condition should be addressed, but you can be happy to know there is still time to reverse the condition, and restore your gums to good health. An advanced infection can be more difficult to deal with, and it can create serious problems for you. Periodontal disease can make it harder for you to manage your health if you have other conditions, and it can heighten your risk for losing teeth! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we provide modern treatments that can fight the bacteria causing your periodontal disease, and help you better manage your well-being.

Dealing With Built-Up Bacteria Attacking Your Gums

We offer treatments that directly target bacteria that are attacking your periodontal tissues, so you can better maintain your oral health. We use ozone therapy to destroy the harmful microbes that are causing problems for you. These treatments use concentrated oxygen in liquid or gas form to kill these destructive agents, and protect your gums. We can also deal with infected tissues with our laser periodontal treatment. This approach is more precise than manual treatment, and it can result in faster healing. To help you regain healthy periodontal tissues, we can perform platelet rich plasma therapy.

We Can Give You A Take-Home Treatment To Fight Your Infection

A Perio Tray allows you to expertly fight a periodontal infection at home! This tray makes it easy to directly apply a potent anti-bacterial substance to your gums. Applications of this material will help you control the spread of bacteria when you have an infection, and control a possible progression of your periodontal disease.

What Can Happen If You Let Gum Disease Go Untreated?

If you allow your gum disease to continue causing harm, you may be putting your overall health at risk! People who develop periodontal disease can have an elevated risk for heart problems, and may find it more difficult to manage health issues like diabetes. Because periodontal bacteria can cause the destruction of tissues that support your teeth, people who gum disease are at risk for suffering tooth loss. If you are hesitant to make an appointment to discuss periodontal care because of dental anxiety, you can receive sedation to help you remain comfortable, and receive beneficial care.

Meet With Dr. Kania To Discuss The Modern Periodontal Treatments Available To You

Dr. Kania is ready to help patients in need of periodontal care! At our practice, we provide a range of modern, effective services that can help you deal with bacteria causing your periodontal disease. We can also help you deal with the consequences of poor gum health that may have already affected you. If you are ready to meet with Dr. Kania, or if you have questions, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.