We Can Take On Periodontal Troubles With WaterLase Treatment

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we provide modern techniques to help our patients fight periodontal disease. These treatments can offer important protection for your smile when you are dealing with an infection of your gum tissues. Without proper treatment, you can find that your general health can be more difficult to manage, you can suffer from tooth loss, and your risk for heart disease can increase! We can help you fight bacteria beneath your gums, maintain a healthy smile, and deal with infected or damaged periodontal tissues. We use laser-based treatments to remove unhealthy gums, including treatments with our WaterLase laser. By using lasers to take care of your smile, you can enjoy a faster healing time, and more accurate work!

Using Laser-Based Treatment To Help You Manage Your Periodontal Disease

Laser-based treatments take advantage of sophisticated technology to provide a better patient experience. Because we use LANAP and WaterLase to remove unhealthy tissues, we can take care to only clear away those tissues that require attention. In addition to being more precise, lasers can reduce bleeding, and encourage faster healing.

The removal of unhealthy tissues can be an important step in your treatment for periodontal disease. Clearing away harmful tissues can lead to the growth of healthy gums, making it easier to defend your smile against the complications that can result from infected gum tissues.

Untreated Issues With Periodontal Problems Can Lead To Serious Oral Health Issues

If you are only familiar with gingivitis, you can be surprised at just how harmful periodontal disease can become. Your condition can be reversed if you have gingivitis; in fact, our practice provides preventive periodontal services to stop an infection from worsening to periodontal disease. If you already have this condition, also known as periodontitis, you can lose teeth due because of damages to tissues that support them. You can also experience a higher risk for other health problems, including a greater chance of experiencing heart disease!

Additional Services We Can Provide To Help You Manage Your Periodontal Health

In addition to helping patients remove unhealthy tissues, we can use PRP therapy to support healthy growth. We also provide treatments that allow you to fight harmful bacteria that are attacking your gums. For an in-office treatment, we can use ozone therapy to destroy harmful microbes while preserving healthy bacteria. We can also give you protection at home with Perio Protect, which gives you a custom tray and antimicrobial agents you can use to take care of your periodontal tissues on your own schedule.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Scheduling Treatment With WaterLase

WaterLase treatment and LANAP treatment use lasers to provide a precise, modern answer to problems with periodontal disease. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, Dr. Kania is proud to offer advanced, patient-friendly treatments that can protect your smile and well-being! To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.