We Can Place Dental Implants To Help You Restore Your Smile

When periodontal disease affects an individual, there is a risk that they will experience tooth loss. Through modern, patient-friendly procedures, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can protect you from experiencing this by maintaining those tissues that support your teeth. If you have already experienced tooth loss, we can talk to you about restoring your full smile as part of a larger plan to help you fight advanced gum disease. Through the placement of a dental implant, we can provide support for a restoration that can offer functional support in addition to improving your smile. If necessary, we can also work with you to prepare you for a successful placement by taking on active problems with your infection.

Tooth Loss Is A Serious Concern For People With Periodontal Disease

Why does a person with periodontal disease have to worry about tooth loss? When this condition forms, bacteria can cause the destruction of periodontal tissues, as well as jawbone tissues, that currently keep your teeth securely in place. As this happens, you can experience attachment loss, meaning teeth can start to feel loose. If attachment loss is too severe, it may be necessary to remove teeth, or they may be lost on their own.

Supporting Restorations With Dental Implants

Our practice can evaluate you to determine if you are ready to receive a dental implant, and we can provide the placement of your biocompatible post. Sometimes, it will be necessary to address problems caused by periodontal disease before moving forward with any prosthetic dental work. You could also require work to restore the condition of your jawbone, as you may have suffered a loss of mass over time. Once you are approved, we can safely place the implant – after the appropriate healing period, you can go to your dentist to have it restored with the appropriate restoration.

We Can Offer Modern Solutions To Problems Caused By Periodontal Disease

Our practice is prepared to help patients protect their periodontal tissues against the effects of gum disease. With the use of lasers, we can effectively clear away infected tissues and encourage the growth of healthy tissues. We can also use PRP therapy to help you recover healthy tissues in less time. If problems with periodontal disease have affected your gum line, our pinhole gum graft procedure can help restore it while requiring less work (and shorter healing times) than traditional grafts.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Receiving Dental Implants

If periodontal disease has already caused you to experience tooth loss, Dr. Kania is ready to help! We can provide your dental implant placement, and also help you maintain your periodontal health to avoid future troubles. To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.