We Can Make Your Periodontal Treatment More Comfortable

One reason people find themselves dealing with dental and periodontal problems, including advanced periodontal disease, is that discomfort keeps them away from proper treatment. Without regular dental exams and cleanings, oral bacteria can gather at your gum line, and create problems that become difficult to address. At our Encinitias/San Diego, CA dentist’s office, we can make sure that your needs are fully addressed when you have troubles with your periodontal health. Addressing these matters can help you keep your gum health in check, and lower your risk for problems like tooth loss. To help you manage your feelings of unease, we do provide different forms of dental sedation to make your treatment more pleasant.

Unchecked Discomfort Can Make Important Dental Services Less Accessible

If you allow your discomfort over dental and periodontal treatment to intrude on your life, you can allow problems to worsen over time. This can be particularly worrying when it comes to managing your gum health, as you might allow advanced periodontal disease to affect your quality of life. Over time, your infection can cause your gum line to recede, it can make it harder for you to manage your general health, and you can suffer tooth loss because the tissues supporting teeth become damaged! While our practice is ready to help, there is no way to treat your issues if you do not make an appointment. This is one reason we provide dental sedation for those patients who struggle with anxieties related to treatment.

Selecting The Right Form Of Dental Sedative For You

Not everyone experiences the same form of dental anxiety, so one type of sedation can be insufficient. Because of this, we offer different options for our patients. Many people who struggle with anxiety can benefit from nitrous oxide, which is continuously administered while you are undergoing treatment. We can also offer an oral sedative, which can have a more potent effect. For those with severe fears, or an individual who needs to go through something particularly advanced, like dental implant placement, IV sedation may be recommended.

We Can Make Sure Your Periodontal Problems Are Being Properly Addressed

When you schedule care at our practice, we can make sure that your needs are being fully managed. We use modern treatments like ozone therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy to fight the harm that bacteria can do to your gums. We can also help you restore your proper gum line through a pinhole gum graft, a less invasive, modern approach to grafting.

Dr. Kania Can Help Make Your Periodontal Treatment More Comfortable!

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, Dr. Kania can make sure patients enjoy high quality care during every visit. To help those who struggle with dental anxiety, we can offer sedation to make a visit more comfortable. To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.