Tips To Help Fight Periodontal Bacteria At Home

When you come to our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, you can receive modern treatments that help you fight the effects of periodontal disease. With that being said, you should be mindful of your daily behaviors, as your efforts to take care of your smile at home can be crucial to fighting the bacteria that can attack gum tissues, and create problems. Good oral hygiene does more than just spare you from trouble with cavities – keeping your mouth healthy means removing those bacteria that gather at your gum line and put you in jeopardy of infection. If you are looking for additional support, we can provide support via Perio Protect.

Make Sure You Take Care Of Your Gum Line When You Brush And Floss

Your brushing and flossing routine gives you key support as you fight to sustain your periodontal health. Every time you clean your smile, it is important to give attention to the base of your teeth. By doing so, you clear away those harmful agents that can lead to infection, and create issues for your dental and general well-being. Consistency is also important for maintaining your periodontal health. You should brush at least two times a day, and floss at least once. Each time you do so, your gum line should receive your attention.

Fight Harmful Bacteria With Perio Protect

If you want to employ a concentrated attack on unwelcome periodontal bacteria, Perio Protect can help! Your periodontist can provide you with a special tray and antimicrobial agents to use on your own. When you are taking care of your smile, you can directly apply these agents, and fight the bacteria that are attacking your gums.

Worried About The Condition Of Your Gums? Speak To Your Periodontist!

If you think something might be wrong with your gums, seeking the treatment of a periodontist can help you identify the matter, and ensure that it is properly addressed. We have advanced imaging technology we can use to examine your gums, and determine how serious your issues might be. With that information recorded, we can determine if preventive services like scaling and root planing are appropriate, or if a more involved treatment should be performed.

Talk To Dr. Kania For Guidance On Fighting Periodontal Bacteria

If you want to preserve your complete smile, and make sure your general health is expertly managed, taking care of your gums is important. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are prepared to help individuals who are struggling with periodontal disease, as well as those who want to prevent issues with gingivitis from worsening. If you have questions, if you are concerned about your gums, or if you are ready to schedule a procedure with us, we are here to help you! To schedule your appointment with Dr. Kania, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.