Taking Steps To Fight The Progression Of Gum Disease

It is important to put up a fight against periodontal disease, even when a person’s condition has progressed to the point where harmful bacteria are causing worrying damage to their gums, and the tissues supporting teeth. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we employ modern treatments that help individuals better manage their periodontal health. In addition to providing targeted attacks on harmful agents that are hurting your gums, we also provide preventive services that can help keep you protect your smile. Without an effective response to periodontal disease, individuals can experience complications with their general health, and they can lose teeth.

Unchecked Gum Disease Can Create Big Troubles

If your gums show signs of gingivitis, and the problem is promptly resolved, you can avoid some of the alarming effects that are associated with advanced periodontal disease. The unfortunate reality is that while many people do enjoy timely intervention, others can allow their condition to worsen until treatment becomes more involved. If you are someone who has to fight problems with gum disease, we can talk to you about modern treatments that can help you keep your smile in better health.

Fighting Harmful Bacteria With Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can directly take on the harmful bacteria that are already present, and creating problems, in your gums. The treatment will apply oxygen (ozone) directly to your gums, either in liquid form, or in gas form. The administering of ozone is harmful to the destructive microbes creating troubles for your oral health, but safe for helpful agents that also reside in these tissues, so they can continue to help sustain the health of your gums.

Preventive Practices To Help You Maintain Your Smile

For people who are trying to combat the effects of periodontal disease, supportive periodontal maintenance can be helpful. Instead of semiannual dental cleanings, patients who undergo supportive periodontal maintenance receive thorough cleanings on a quarterly basis, to help fight off the accumulation of new bacteria on your teeth, and at your gum line. In addition to cleaning above the gums, your periodontist can provide a scaling and root planing. This treatment, which is also called a “periodontal cleaning,” is used to attack the bacteria on your teeth below your gum line. The process removes bacteria, and smooths the surfaces of teeth so that bacteria will have more difficulty taking hold.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Fighting The Progression Of Gum Disease

For people in the Encinitas/San Diego, CA area, modern periodontal care is available. Dr. Kania proudly offers effective treatment strategies that can help you fight back against gum disease, and keep your smile in better health. If you are worried about gum disease, and want to address possible problems with Dr. Kania, you can contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.