Studying The Full Effects Of Periodontal Disease

While many people can fail to appreciate just how harmful periodontal disease can be, a person who has struggled with the health of their gums can certainly recognize the trouble this condition causes. How worried should you be about the state of your periodontal health? Our periodontal practice in Encinitas/San Diego, CA can help you determine just how much trouble periodontal disease has caused by performing thorough evaluations. With diagnostic imaging technology, we can study the extent of harm done to your gums, bone tissues, and more. A proper review can lead to a proper treatment plan – in addition to helping you understand your case, we provide several modern procedures to help you protect your smile!

Using Advanced Imaging Technology To Examine Your Smile

Advanced imaging technology makes it possible to take a close look at what is happening with your gums, your teeth, and your jawbone tissues. 3d images and diagnostic reviews can create models that reveal what state of periodontal health you are in, and what kind of care you might require. It may be alarming to discover that your troubles with gum disease have done more harm to you than you previously realized. It is important to note that with the information gathered, an effective treatment approach can be devised!

We Offer Several Periodontal Treatments That Can Help You

Our practice is ready to help people manage their gum health, and we can base treatments around your current needs. If you have gingivitis, we can offer care to eliminate your infection, and protect you against the more harmful symptoms of periodontal disease. We can also make plans for treatments that remove infected tissues, and help you restore healthy tissues.

Tips To Help You Prevent Future Issues With Your Gum Health

What needs to happen to make sure your oral health is not jeopardized by future issues with periodontal disease? Your preventive efforts at home will matter – you provide the first line of defense for your gums by brushing and flossing. Cleaning the area around your gum line can be vital to the lasting protection of your smile. Cutting tobacco products out of your life can also help you. At our practice, we can also offer Perio Protect, which gives you a treatment solution that you can apply directly to your gums at home!

Talk To Dr. Kania About Arranging A Study Of Your Periodontal Health

Dr. Kania is prepared to help you understand how periodontal disease has affected you! With a proper review, the extent of harm gum disease has done can be determined, and a proper plan for treatment can be arranged. Our practice proudly serves the Encinitas, CA and San Diego, CA communities, and we are ready to help you! To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.