The New Fight Against Gum Disease: Dr. Kania Talks LANAP

say ahhDid you know that over 80% of adults are affected by periodontal (gum) disease to some degree? Even more alarming is the fact that over 95% of those afflicted are not being treated for their condition, which is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in America. In our last article, we discussed the dangers of unchecked gum disease, and how the destructive oral condition can wreak havoc with your oral health if not dealt with swiftly. As part of our dedication to providing our patients with advanced gum disease treatment, your San Diego periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, explains how lasers and the LANAP protocol can help restore healthy gum tissue and remove the destructive bacterial infection to allow your gums to heal.

An Underlying Problem

Gum disease begins with excessive bacterial plaque buildup, particularly along and underneath your gum line. Brushing and flossing your teeth is meant to control this buildup, but missing a spot now and then is only human. In addition, individual immune response plays a role in disease activity. Missed spots of bacteria can calcify, or harden, in a short period of time, becoming tartar, which cannot be removed with your toothbrush. As more germs gather, they irritate your gums, causing the tissue to separate from your teeth (gum recession) and form pockets for more bacteria to gather, exacerbating the infection. Treating periodontal disease surgically involves the removal of infected gum tissue, as well as thoroughly cleaning the tooth roots underneath. In many cases, a gum graft is required to restore the infected and removed gum tissue, providing support for your teeth and helping prevent the recurrence of disease.

Lasers—The Alternative to Surgery

LANAP stands for “laser-assisted new attachment procedure,” and the surgical protocol is designed to treat gum disease through regeneration instead of resection. In other words, the LANAP protocol replaces the scalpel and sutures of traditional gum surgery with advanced dental laser technology that gently trims away damaged gum tissue and cleans your tooth’s roots to facilitate healing and gum reattachment. As a concentrated emission of light, the Periolase MVP-7 Nd:YAG digital laser seals the tissues left behind as it progresses, eliminating the need for sutures or stitches. The precision afforded by the lasers also means your sensitive oral tissues undergo very little trauma, and most patients report little to no bleeding or swelling after their procedures.

Advanced Gum Disease Treatment in San Diego

If your gum are afflicted with disease and you’d like to learn more about our advanced gum disease treatments, then contact Dr. Kania at our San Diego periodontist’s office by calling (706) 642-0711. We serve patients from Encinitas, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Costa, and the neighboring communities.