Relying On Lasers To Provide Advanced Periodontal Care

While the idea of using lasers for dental treatment may seem odd, this approach provides many benefits that you can certainly appreciate. Our Encinitas/San Diego periodontal practice can use laser treatment to help patients who are struggling with the effects of gum disease. The LANAP protocol relies on the incredible accuracy of lasers to address the bacteria that have accumulated on the attachments keeping your teeth stable. This modern procedure can help you recover from the effects of an infection, and make you less likely to need surgical treatment to protect your smile. This is one of many specialized periodontal services we are ready to offer our patients.

Using LANAP To Address Your Periodontal Problems

A buildup of bacteria below your gum line can create your initial troubles with gum disease. As time passes, bacteria can make your condition worsen, and lead to damages that weaken the support for your teeth. If no proper course of action is taken in a situation like this, you can experience the unpleasant effects of periodontitis, including tooth loss! Your laser-based treatment allows your dentist to more carefully target bacteria, and leave healthy tissues alone. This greater precision can limit the effects of an infection, and allow you to start enjoying real health improvements!

Your Treatment Experience Can Be Improved By The Use Of Laser Technology

Patients who enjoy a treatment that relies on lasers, and not manual tools, can enjoy several advantages. The accuracy of LANAP can certainly be appreciated, as you are less likely to lose healthy tissues over the course of your procedure. You can also heal faster, and experience less bleeding over the course of a treatment.

Ignoring Periodontal Problems Can Lead To Big Problems

Your periodontal specialist is ready to help you protect your smile by providing modern solutions to the effects of gum disease. With laser treatments, ozone therapy, and platelet rich plasma therapy, your gums can enjoy significant support. You can also count on us to provide important services to protect you from the onset of serious gum disease, so you will not have to worry about future issues!

Talk To Dr. Kania About Addressing Your Periodontal Health With Laser Technology

Dr. Kania is proud to provide people in the Encinitas/San Diego area with quality periodontal care. Our practice relies on advanced technology to help you fight significant issues with gum disease without resorting to oral surgery. We also provide additional services to help you preserve your periodontal health, and recognize problems that might call for action. If you have already suffered tooth loss because of your periodontal issues, we can talk to you about modern prosthetic work. If you are ready to seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.