Preserving Your Smile with Periodontics


In the United States, gum disease is a prevalent and serious health issue. According to a recent study conduced by the Centers for Disease Control, over 64.7 million Americans exhibit the symptoms of periodontal disease. In order to improve the health and stability of your smile, your Encinitas periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, offers treatment for gum disease. Learn more about our approach to providing quality periodontics.

Encinitas Periodontics Quiz

1. True or False: Multiple factors can cause gum disease.

2. True or False: Bleeding and sore gums are warning signs of periodontal disease.

3. True or False: Dr. Kania offers laser dentistry as part of our periodontics treatment.

4. True or False: Good oral hygiene helps prevent gum disease.

Answer Key

1. True. Common causes of gum disease include: Hormonal fluctuations, illness, the use of certain medications, and family history. The most frequent contributor to gum disease, however, is poor oral hygiene.

2. True. Patients suffering from periodontal disease report a number of similar symptoms, such as: Sore gums, bad breath, gums that bleed easily, red gums, and loose teeth. Without treatment, gum disease can eventually erode the connective tissue between the gums and teeth, leading to tooth loss.

3. True. For patients with gum disease, your Encinitas periodontist can use dental lasers to remove infected gum tissue with accuracy and precision. A crucial part of periodontics, dental lasers promote a faster healing time. Patients also report less bleeding and swelling and experience a decreased risk of infection following the procedure.

4. True. Maintaining good dental habitscan  help avoid the onset of periodontal disease. You should brush your teeth thoroughly (and gently) twice a day and floss once. In addition, always attend dental cleanings with your Encinitas periodontist. A cleaning assists in preventing gum disease by removing the layers of biofilm that can inflame the gums.

About Dr. Ann Kania:

As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania is specially qualified to diagnose and treat issues concerning periodontal tissue and the supportive structures of a patient’s smile, as well as place dental implants for patients with missing teeth. To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact us at (760) 642-0711, or visit our Encinitas periodontist’s office.