Ozone Therapy Can Address Harmful Periodontal Bacteria

Issues with periodontal disease occur when harmful microbes have the opportunity to accumulate at your gum line, and create problems for your well-being. What you might not realize is that in addition to these unwelcome bacteria, your mouth contains healthy microbes as well. With ozone therapy, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can take action against harmful anaerobic bacteria without damaging welcome microbes. This makes it easier to preserve your mouth’s ecosystem, which can make it easier to naturally resist the effects of your infection. This is one of many modern services we can use to help you combat an infection, and protect yourself against the potentially serious consequences linked to periodontal disease.

The Importance Of Targeting Unwelcome Bacteria

People who have a buildup of oral bacteria at their gum line can start to develop symptoms of gingivitis, the first stage of a periodontal infection. If the problem is not addressed in time through the appropriate preventive periodontal measures, it can worsen and progress to periodontal disease. When this occurs, bacteria that attack your gums can cause inflammation, and permanent damage to tissues that support your teeth.

While periodontal disease is caused by bacteria, not all bacteria are responsible for the harm done by an infection. With ozone therapy, we can preserve those healthy microbes, which help your mouth naturally fight off the effects of periodontal disease.

Combining Ozone Therapy With Preventive Periodontal Care

Through ozone therapy, we can directly take on the unhealthy anaerobic bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Your treatment can involve an application of liquid or gas in order to clear away those unwelcome microbes affecting you. Through this procedure, and regular care to fight the accumulation of new bacteria, we can help you maintain your smile, and better guard yourself against tissue damage that can lead to problems like tooth loss.

Your Fight Against Periodontal Disease Can Preserve Your Smile

Unchecked periodontal disease can do significant harm to your smile. The problems associated with this condition are the leading cause for adult tooth loss. Your condition can also lead to problems with your general health, as microbes that cause inflammation may make you more vulnerable to problems like heart disease! Through a range of modern services, we can help you manage your periodontal health. In addition to offering care like ozone therapy in our office, we can provide you with Perio Protect so you can fight bacteria at home.

Talk To Dr. Kania About The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, we offer ozone therapy to help patients fight the buildup of harmful bacteria that cause issues with gum disease. To learn more about Dr. Kania’s modern approach to periodontal care, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.