Making Your Periodontal Care More Comfortable

For people who have developed periodontal disease, the services provided at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can provide important protection against potentially serious complications. When a person experiences feelings of dental anxiety, they can be reluctant to reach out and schedule important care, even if they are worried about their dental health. We understand that some people have a hard time with treatment, and our goal is to make services as accessible as possible. One step we take is to provide modern procedures that are more comfortable, and deliver more precise care. We also make visits to our practice easier by providing sedation to make your periodontal treatment more comfortable.

Dental Anxiety Can Make Patients Uncomfortable With Important Services

An untreated problem with your periodontal health can make it difficult for you to preserve your full smile, as you can suffer damages to the tissues that keep teeth in place. You can also experience interference with your general health that can increase your risk for heart disease, and other serious matters. We use laser treatments and other modern approaches to minimize discomfort, and make the process of restoring your periodontal health more comfortable. With that said, dental anxiety can make it difficult for a person to agree to any kind of treatment even if they have serious periodontal health problems. For these patients, we can recommend sedation to help them stay relaxed while they undergo a procedure.

Providing Sedation During Periodontal Care

Dental sedation allows patients to remain conscious, and helps them stay relaxed as they receive treatment for poor gum health. Many people who request this support receive nitrous oxide, which puts them in a calmed state during treatment, but wears off in time for them to safely drive home. If you require a stronger sedative effect, we can discuss the use of an oral sedative to provide a deeper sense of relaxation. The goal with dental sedation is to make a patient’s visit easier, while allowing them to remain aware of what is happening while they are treated.

We Can Also Help You Relax During Preventive Periodontal Services

In addition to helping patients who are suffering from serious periodontal disease, we can make treatment more comfortable for people who show signs of gingivitis, and want to prevent their infection from worsening. If dental anxiety regularly interferes with your ability to seek care for your smile, we can talk to you about using dental sedation during preventive periodontal services.

Dr. Kania Can Help Make Your Periodontal Care Experience More Comfortable

Dr. Kania is proud to offer modern, patient-friendly solutions for problems with periodontal disease. If your issues with dental anxiety have made it difficult for you to seek oral health services in the past, we can talk to you about using dental sedation to make your time in our office easier! For more information on receiving care from Dr. Kania, contact her office in the Encinitas/San Diego, CA area today at (760) 642-0711.