Ignoring Periodontal Disease Can Impact Your General Health

How much attention do your gums really need? Is evidence of periodontal disease something that should alarm you, or is it something that you can quickly and easily resolve? If you act quickly to prevent periodontal problems when you experience gingivitis, you can stop an infection before it becomes difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, many people do not take proper steps to manage their gum health until they have developed periodontal disease. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you fight this condition, which can become harder to control. In addition to protecting you against tooth loss, proper treatment for periodontal troubles can help you avoid complications that might lead to negative consequences for your overall health!

Periodontal Disease Can Interfere With Other Health Issues

Problems that affect your periodontal health may affect more areas than just your mouth. As research has investigated the oral-systemic link, connections between periodontal disease and other health issues have been examined. Did you know that bacteria from a person’s mouth can travel to different parts of their body, which can lead to the development of endocarditis? Did you know that gum disease may affect a person’s experience with diabetes? Your general health should be a priority – taking care of your gums can help you avoid potentially serious consequences!

Fighting The Effects Of Periodontal Disease

Our practice provides treatments that can help you re-grow healthy tissues, as well as services to directly combat harmful microbes. To fight bacteria, we can perform ozone therapy. Ozone therapy does not destroy microbes indiscriminately. It can help control the growth of harmful bacteria, but leave healthy microbes to help sustain your mouth’s natural ecosystem. We can also use lasers to remove infected tissues, and encourage your body to generate healthy gums. Using lasers can limit any harm to healthy tissues while also encouraging shorter healing times.

We Also Provide Beneficial Preventive Measures

You do not have to wait until you know something is seriously wrong with your gums to talk with a periodontist! In addition to providing services to fight advanced gum disease, we can provide preventive measures to help you stop an infection from growing serious. This includes services like scaling and root planing, a cleaning procedure that targets bacteria that are present below your gum line.

Dr. Kania Can Help Patients Manage Problems With Periodontal Disease

If you think that something might be wrong with your periodontal health, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is here to help! Dr. Kania offers modern services to help patients who are trying to protect their gums, and manage their periodontal and general health. If you have concerns about the state of your periodontal health, or if you want to arrange a particular procedure, please call our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice today at (760) 642-0711.