How to Regenerate Tooth, Bone, and Gum Structures

cell matrixThe goal of periodontics is to help you maintain your teeth and their supportive structures in a healthy, functional state for life. Sometimes, this may require treatment to eradicate bacteria and prevent or control the development of periodontal disease—the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Also known as gum disease, the bacterial infection destroys the gum tissue that supports your teeth, and can degrade the jawbone underneath it when allowed to progress. Traditionally, treating periodontal disease involved thoroughly cleaning bacteria from underneath the gum line and your teeth’s roots. If tissue damage occurred, then treatment could help repair it. Today, however, Dr. Kania employs a number of biologic materials that help regenerate lost tooth, bone, and periodontal structures, improving the success of periodontal therapy for longer-lasting results.

Biological Materials in Use

What is Emdogain?

Emdogain® is comprised of a native protein matrix that mediates the formation of cementum around a tooth’s root. The growth factor helps provide a foundation for necessary tissue regeneration by mimicking the processes of biological tooth growth. Emdogain is commonly used to help patients regenerate tissues when bone loss has become severe.

What is Gem 21?

Like Emdogain, GEM 21 (Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix) is also a regenerative growth factor, but consists of a synthetic, osteoconductive calcium-phosphate matrix combined with a bioactive protein. GEM 21 is engineered to facilitate bone growth and wound healing by triggering necessary molecular events.

What is BMP-2?

Not to be confused with the Soviet amphibious infantry vehicle of the same name, BMP-2, which stands for Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2, is a bioactive protein that induces bone and cartilage formation. If you’ve lost bone density due to periodontal disease, then Dr. Kania may suggest BMP-2, among other adjunctive materials, to help regenerate bone structure.

What is PerioDerm?

PerioDerm™ is a popular acellular dermal matrix that is often used to correct periodontal recession and repair the connective tissues that bind gums to teeth. Rebuilding these tissues is necessary to stabilize the gum region, and PerioDerm is often an integral factor in reestablishing a secure periodontal connection.

What is a BioCover?

BioCover is the first allograft to contain amnion tissue (the inner most lining of the amniotic sac). The basement layers of amnion contain a host of collagen types and cell-adhesion factors, and BioCover is utilized as a wound covering for the treatment of gum recession. It self-adheres to the exposed tooth root surface and bone, at times eliminating the need to suture the graft in place.

About Your Encinitas Periodontist:

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