How Perio Protect Helps You Fight Harmful Oral Bacteria

Your first line of defense against periodontal disease if your oral hygiene routine. The same brushing and flossing routine that helps you fight cavities can also be an effective way to avoid gingivitis. To do this effectively, you should target the spaces where your teeth and gums meet in order to avoid problems with the buildup of oral bacteria in areas that make you vulnerable to periodontal problems. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help you take further action against the bacteria threatening to cause an infection. For patients who want to fight periodontal bacteria directly, we can offer Perio Protect. Perio Protect provides patients with custom trays and an antimicrobial solution that they can apply directly to their gums.

Preventing Periodontal Disease Is Important

You may not realize just how harmful a problem with poor periodontal health can be. Gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, can be addressed through effective oral hygiene, or through preventive periodontal care. However, when the condition progresses to periodontal disease, there is a greater threat to your oral and general health. Bacteria that gather beneath your gums can destroy tissues and cause problems with tooth loss. They can also travel to different parts of your body, which can hurt your general health. By taking this condition seriously, you can protect yourself against a range of different concerns!

Fight A Potential Infection With Perio Protect

By using Perio Protect, you can put up an effective fight against the oral bacteria putting you at risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease. In addition to receiving helpful custom trays, patients take home a supply of antibacterial agents that will help you target unwelcome microbes. When this becomes part of your daily fight against poor oral health, it can be easier for you to control the impact these bacteria have against your well-being!

What Should You Do If You Already Struggle With Poor Periodontal Health?

A diagnostic can be performed to evaluate your periodontal health and see what condition your gums are in at the present time. With that information gathered, we can determine what treatments might be beneficial. If there is still time to perform a preventive cleaning, we can remove bacteria to stop further problems. If you are already showing symptoms of periodontal disease, we may recommend something more involved, like periodontal care through laser treatment, which can trim away infected tissues and encourage the growth of healthy tissues.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Perio Protect

If you worry about your periodontal health, and want to more effectively fight oral bacteria, talk to Dr. Kania about taking home Perio Protect! To learn more about this product, and to learn about other services we provide, please call our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice at (760) 642-0711.