Gum Disease And Tooth Loss – What’s The Connection?

Have you been underestimating the potential harm that gum disease can cause? When you review the threat of periodontal disease, you may be surprised to find that this problem can have an effect on your general health, as well as your smile. In time, the bacteria that build up and attack your gums can destroy the tissues that are responsible for holding teeth in place. Your teeth may start to feel loose as this occurs, and the effect may even lead to their losses! Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice has helped patients at different stages of infection fight the effects of periodontal disease. We are prepared to help you if you are concerned about preventing complications from gum disease, but we are also ready to work with individuals who are responding to damages that have already occurred.

Periodontal Bacteria Can Destroy Tissues That Support Teeth

Our teeth are supported by our jawbone and periodontal tissues. Because biting and chewing generate considerable force, it is important for teeth to remain securely held. Unfortunately, bacteria that cause periodontal disease can cause the destruction of those tissues that we rely on to keep teeth in place. When the damage is serious, it can make a tooth extraction necessary.

Tooth loss is a serious concern for patients with periodontal disease, but other potential health effects should be acknowledged. When microbes travel from your gums to different parts of your body, they can create new problems, including issues that can raise your risk for heart disease!

Benefits To Placing Dental Implants To Hold Restorations

If your problems with periodontal health have already led to tooth loss, dental implants can help you. Once a person is approved for their placement, implants can be set in the sockets of their jawbone where teeth were previously housed. In time, the bone fuses with these titanium posts to provide lasting stability. Implants are used to hold lifelike restorations in position. Dental implants are used to address the loss of individual teeth, but they can also hold larger restorations in position.

Treatment Can Help You Prevent Damage From Periodontal Disease

The right procedures can address the damage done by periodontal disease. Laser-based periodontal procedures can remove infected tissues and encourage the growth of healthy gums. Platelet rich therapy can also encourage the formation of new, healthy tissues. To fight active bacteria, ozone therapy can target harmful microbes while leaving healthy bacteria alone.

Dr. Kania Helps Patients Fight The Effects Of Periodontal Disease

At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, Dr. Kania has experience fighting the effects of periodontal disease. If this condition has put you at risk for tooth loss and other health concerns, the right procedure can be valuable for protecting your smile and well-being. To learn more, you can reach Dr. Kania’s practice at (760) 642-0711.