Fighting Periodontal Bacteria With Laser Treatment

Thanks to the use of lasers, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can offer a better experience to patients in need of care for periodontal disease. The LANAP protocol relies on lasers to carefully remove damaged and infected tissues from your gums. By performing this service with lasers instead of a scalpel, the recovery time is reduced, and your healthy gums can remain in good condition. The greater accuracy offered by laser treatment can be particularly beneficial when it comes to addressing bacteria-riddled areas near tissues that are supporting your teeth. Once bacteria are removed, your gums have the chance to heal, and rebuild healthy tissues.

Bacteria Can Create Serious Problems For Your Gum Health

Periodontal disease results when bacteria infiltrate the area below your gum line, and begin spreading. Between the harm done by oral bacteria, and the efforts by your body to stop their spread, serious issues can affect your oral health. In fact, advanced gum disease can result in enough damage to connective tissues to cause tooth loss! Without measures to address the proliferation of oral bacteria below your gum line, you can find yourself suffering from a particularly frustrating, hard-to-manage condition!

Using Laser Treatment To Carefully Address Bacteria

The LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) protocol will see your periodontist turn to laser technology to address the impact of periodontal disease on your life. Relying on lasers to remove infected tissues instead of manual tools leads to several benefits. Your procedure can be more precise with laser technology than with a scalpel, so healthy tissues are left intact. You can also heal more quickly, and face a lower risk for an infection after your procedure is done. Because the lasers cauterize gum tissues while your treatment is taking place, sutures are not required. Periodontal disease is a serious problem that should be addressed by a professional. Thanks to LANAP, the experience of fighting an infection can be more pleasant for you!

Other Treatment Options That Can Help You Maintain Your Gum Health

Our practice is ready to provide modern, patient-friendly methods for fighting the bacteria below your gum line, and for helping you recover healthy tissues. Platelet rich plasma therapy is performed to encourage the growth of healthy tissues in place of those periodontal tissues lost to infection. Our practice can also help you fight the bacteria that hurt your gums through ozone therapy, which can destroy harmful microbes.

Arrange Laser-Based Periodontal Treatment With Dr. Kania

Are you dealing with periodontal disease, and worried about what the condition might ultimately do to your oral health? Dr. Kania is prepared to offer modern treatments that can help you prevent troubles associated with advanced gum disease! To seek Dr. Kania’s expertise, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.