Fighting Periodontal Bacteria At Home

brushing teethWhile your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist is ready to help you fight harmful bacteria that can hurt your gums, you are responsible for fighting these microbes on a daily basis. You should keep your gum health in mind when you brush and floss. To make these practices truly effective, take care to thoroughly clean at the base of your teeth during each session. If you are trying to keep an infection under control, or if you hope to avoid periodontal disease, Perio Protect can help by providing additional protection against unwelcome bacteria. This at-home treatment provides patients with custom trays and antimicrobial agents to protect their soft tissues from potential health problems.

The Role Daily Care Plays In Fighting Periodontal Bacteria

Unwelcome bacteria can gather in your mouth throughout your day, which is why proper preventive care is so important. Every time you brush and floss your teeth, your oral hygiene efforts remove these harmful agents before they can interfere with your well-being. The right routine is capable of protecting your teeth and gums so that you do not experience issues at a later date. However, if you start to notice the warning signs of gingivitis, like bleeding gums, swollen or discolored tissues, or receding tissues, you should be concerned! When not resolved in time, an infection can progress to more harmful, and harder to fight, periodontal disease.

Using Perio Protect To Effectively Target Harmful Microbes

As an additional form of support for your smile, you can begin to use Perio Protect to directly fight harmful bacteria gathering under your gums. With this treatment, you can control the spread of microbes that are constantly growing, which helps you control an active infection. Remember that keeping an infection in check means protecting yourself against issues that can result in tooth loss, and may impact your general health in upsetting ways!

Arranging Professional Periodontal Treatments

Our practice provides many services that can help those affected by gum disease. If we catch the issue in time, we can recommend preventive services that can reverse gingivitis or keep a more advanced infection under control. For people with more serious problems, we can use laser technology to fight periodontal disease and protect their well-being.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Effective Strategies For Fighting Periodontal Bacteria

You should have a good daily routine in place to protect your teeth and gums from the threat that oral bacteria pose to them. With the right habits in place, you can defend yourself against periodontal disease, and manage an active infection to prevent further difficulties. We can offer preventive care in the office, and we can even send you home with Perio Protect to further support your well-being. To find out more, please call Dr. Kania’s office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.