Want Help to Quit Smoking? Your Encinitas Periodontist is Happy to Help

quit smoking signAs part of our dedication to your oral and overall health, Dr. Ann Kania has spoken expansively about the effects of smoking and smokeless tobacco on all areas of your wellbeing. Your Encinitas periodontist is also proud to provide you with assistance in your quest to quit smoking; however, the care we offer doesn’t stop at smoking cessation. As you overcome your destructive smoking habit, Dr. Kania will also work closely with you to repair the oral and periodontal damage caused by smoking and tobacco use.

Smoking Cessation and More

Among the many dangers that smoking and chewing tobacco pose is the increased risk of dental disease and damage, as well as the inability of your oral tissues to heal due to molecular interference and an inhibited flow of oxygenated blood. When you quit smoking, your oral tissues have a greater chance of healing and recovering, and with advanced treatments, such as laser-assisted periodontal therapy and gum grafts, Dr. Kania can help restore damaged or lost gum tissue, which may not have been possible while you were smoking.

Motivation to Quit

If you’re still wondering whether you should quit smoking, or don’t believe there’s any urgency to, we’ve compiled a brief list of the more notorious chemicals released in cigarette smoke, and how smoking affects your oral and overall health;


  • Tar (dangerous mix of chemicals)
  • Formaldehyde (yes, the embalming fluid)
  • Cadmium (also found abundantly in car batteries)
  • Polonium 210 (radioactive toxin)
  • Carbon monoxide (found in car exhaust)
  • Ammonia (used for serious cleaning, fertilizers, and explosives)


  • Inhibits proper cell function
  • Inhibits flow of oxygen
  • Facilitates the development of harmful oral pathogens
  • Increases risk of severe periodontal disease, tooth loss, respiratory infections, oral cancer, lung cancer, and many other illnesses and cancers

Learn More About Smoking Cessation with Your Encinitas Periodontist

For help with smoking cessation, or to repair the damages after you’ve quit smoking, seek the expertise of your Encinitas periodontist. You can contact Dr. Kania by calling our office at (760) 642-0711. Located in the 92024 area, we proudly serve patients from Encinitas, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Costa, and the neighboring communities.