Encinitas Periodontist Discusses–Which is the Better Toothbrush?

beautiful woman brushing her teethMany people continue to debate whether the electric toothbrush is more effective than its manual predecessor at controlling harmful dental plaque and protecting your smile. Studies conducted suggest that electric brushes are generally more effective than manual brushes, and can provide additional features that make them especially beneficial to good oral hygiene care. Your Encinitas periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, takes a glimpse at why the unique shapes and features of some electric toothbrushes give them an advantage at protecting your smile from developing dental diseases, and how to help your toothbrush remain effective with regular professional care.

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes can successfully remove dental plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, but by automatically generating the majority of necessary mechanical power, electric toothbrushes can make the task easier to accomplish, reducing the risk of a tired hand causing you to miss a spot or brush too harshly. Some electric toothbrushes offer additional protection through special features. For instance, some power brushes produces sonic vibrations to help weaken bacterial plaque and make it easier to remove from your teeth and gum line. Others have small heads that are specially designed to reach those hard-to-reach places around and behind your back teeth, where bacteria are fond of hiding. Dr. Kania will advise you whch option is best for your unique condition.

Compliment Your Toothbrush’s Power


Even with an electric toothbrush and excellent adherence to your hygiene routine, some spots of bacterial dental plaque can remain long enough to calcify (harden) into tartar. As an insoluble substance (meaning it doesn’t dissolve in water), tartar can cling to your teeth and under your gums stubbornly enough to resist your toothbrush and floss. Be sure to attend your dental checkup and cleaning as Dr. Kania advises, to ensure your good oral hygiene.

Protect Your Smile with Help from Your Encinitas Periodontist

If using a manual toothbrush is difficult due to arthritis or another medical condition, then an electric toothbrush can help you maintain an adequate level of oral hygiene without overtaxing your hand’s muscles and joints. Regardless of your choice of toothbrush, however, it is only effective when complimented with regular professional maintenance. To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, contact Dr. Kania at our San Diego periodontist’s office by calling (760) 642-0711. Located in the 92024 area, we proudly serve patients from Encinitas, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Costa, and the neighboring communities.