A Few Good Reasons to Relax this Summer

summer relaxingAlthough summertime is typically associated with rest and relaxation, that’s not always the case for many people. As a dedicated periodontist in San Diego, Dr. Kania understands well that stress is no friend to your dental or physical health, and that relieving excessive stress is a vital component to your continued wellbeing. If you need a push to ensure that you take time to relax this summer, read on to learn a few ways in which your body and your smile can suffer from inadequate down time.

Your physical health

Stress is a well-known and significant risk factor to cardiovascular health, but even if your heart and vessels are in good shape, stress can still affect more-immediate health concerns. For instance, prolonged anxiety can inhibit your immune system, making you more susceptible to the common cold and other systemic illnesses.

Your smile’s health

Do you clench and grind your teeth when you’re angry? If you’re stressed out, you may have the same reaction, though your preoccupation with stress factors may cause you not to notice it as readily. Nevertheless, constant teeth-grinding, called bruxism, is a common response in stress and anxiety disorders, and frequently leads to damaged jaw joints and TMJ disorder. Your weakened immune system can also make your gums more susceptible to inflammation, which damages your gums and prepares the way for gum disease to develop.

Paths to Relaxation and Stress-Relief

One of the healthiest and most rewarding forms of stress-relief is daily exercise. Exerting physical energy encourages your body to produce feel-good chemicals, like endorphins (think, runner’s high). The elated feeling can elevate your mood; concentrating on your workout can help you forget about your stress factors; and the overall benefits include improved physical and emotional health. If your day is designed to overwhelm you, then restructure your calendar as much as possible to allow for some alone time, even just a few minutes, where you can relax and decompress before facing the rest of the day. As summer swings in, now would also be a good time to vacation and get away for longer than just a few moments and enjoy the season.

Learn More from Your San Diego Periodontist

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