Dr. Ann Kania’s Good Oral Health Quiz

little man with a quiz signHow important is knowledge to your good oral health? Knowing to brush and floss your teeth every day is more habit than knowledge, but if you don’t know what signs can indicate that your hygiene routine has failed, then you might risk extensive dental damage from severe disease. Knowing the true dangers of untreated oral diseases can motivate you to seek treatment promptly, and understanding your options for treatment can help you make the right decision to preserve your oral health, as well as treat your immediate concerns. To test your knowledge or oral health and oral diseases, your Encinitas periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, offers this brief quiz concerning your smile’s wellbeing.

Oral Health and Oral Diseases

1.) Oral bacteria, which form dental plaque, are a main cause of dental diseases. Which bacterium is specifically linked to periodontal inflammation and disease?

a.) Porphyromonas gordonni                                      c.) Porphyromonas gingivalis

b.) Streptococcus gingivalis                                          d.) Streptococcus mutans

2.) Tooth loss is perhaps the most destructive result of severe oral disease. What is the leading cause of permanent tooth loss in the United States?

a.) Tooth decay                                                                 c.) Dental trauma

b.) Periodontal disease                                                                 d.) Tooth extraction

3.) The mechanisms of periodontal disease, especially inflammation, can put your overall health at grave risk.

a.) True

b.) False


1.) Porphyromonas gingivalis—As main contributors to dental plaque formation, P. gingivalis have the tendency to incite inflammation when they gather along your gum line, causing your gums to swell, bleed, and separate from your teeth.

2.) Periodontal disease—There are many reasons to lose an adult tooth, but the leading cause is periodontal disease, which destroys the gums and jawbone that support your teeth. The early signs of periodontal disease, including swollen and bleeding gums, don’t typically hurt and are often ignored. By the time the infection is detected and treated, your smile’s foundation may already have lost its hold on one or more teeth.

3.) True—If oral bacteria are allowed to enter your bloodstream through damaged oral tissues, they can cause the same reactions throughout your body as they do within your mouth (the oral-systemic connection). In the case of P. gingivalis, the germ can become a risk factor in a number of other inflammatory diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of dementia.

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