Does Drinking Green Tea Promote a Healthier Smile?

green teaOf all the things you could do to help boost your oral health, you might not realize that drinking green tea could be one of them. In fact, the many health benefits of green tea have long been touted, even before they were fully and scientifically understood. In the case of your teeth and gums, experts have found that because of the substances it contains, green tea can help promote a healthier smile by combating the mechanisms behind most oral health issues, including periodontal disease.

Green Tea and Dental Health

In ancient Eastern culture, people believed that green tea held magical properties that could alleviate illness and heal the wounded. Though the beverage isn’t as powerful or magical as once believed, scientists now know that it does contain a wealth of disease-fighting agents known as antioxidants (along with other essential nutrients). Among their numerous abilities, the antioxidants in green tea, such as catechins, help your body control harmful bacteria and inflammation—the leading cause of the destruction wrought by periodontal disease.

What Threatens Your Healthy Smile

The reason periodontal inflammation (tissue swelling) is a threat to your oral health is because the oral bacteria that cause it are a constant presence in your mouth. When they accumulate, certain bacteria manipulate your immune system to incite inflammation, which in turn damages your gums and jawbone underneath. While green tea’s antioxidants can help mitigate the inflammatory reaction, preventing or controlling periodontal disease requires regular hygiene and professional dental health care.


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