Dental Quiz

surveyHow do you think Americans rate with their dental care? It seems like in a highly developed country like the U.S. people would tend to their dental care significantly better than other countries. However, there are definitely differences on our own soil. See how up-to-date you are with dental care facts by taking your Encinitas, CA, periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania’s quiz below.


  1. T or F: A very small percentage of Americans skip their dental visits.
  2. T or F: Men go to the dentist more often than women do.
  3. T or F: The older the person, the more likely they are to visit the dentist.
  4. Higher wage earners visited the dentist more often than those at lower income levels.
  5. T or F: People in higher income brackets visited the dentist more consistently than those with lower incomes.
  6. T or F: Geography made a slight difference regarding attention to dental care, but not a lot.
  7. T or F: Single people visited the dentist more than married people.
  8. T or F: People who were separated from their spouse visited the dentist more often than single people.
  9. T or F: It is important to your overall health to visit the dentist at least once a year.



  1. False:  Since 2008, one out of every three Americans have been skipping their dental visits.
  2. False: Women visit the dentist twice as often as men do.
  3. True: People making $120,000 per year visited the dentist more than those making only $12, 000 per year.
  4. True: People with lower incomes visited the dentist less since 2008, while the number of visits for those with higher incomes remained consistent.
  5. True: There was only a 9 percent difference between people living in southern states and those living in the east.
  6. False: Single people visited the dentist less often than their married counterparts.
  7. False: People who were separated visited the dentist the least often compared to single and married participants.
  8. True: Everyone should visit the dentist at least once a year, but twice a year is ideal.
  9. True: According to a recent study, senior citizens visited the dentist most. People ages 30 to 44 visited the dentist slightly less than their older counterparts, and people  ages 18 to 29 slightly less than the 30 and 40 year-olds.

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