Biomimetic Dentistry Develops New Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Our Encinitas periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, is a strong proponent of caring for the whole patient. Our periodontal care focuses on minimally invasive, comfortable treatment that encourages complete health. Biomimetic dentistry subscribes to a similar philosophy of care that involves careful treatment planning and protection of healthy oral tissues. Most recently, some researchers have developed a biomimetic time-release capsule for treating and healing gum tissue from the ravages of periodontal disease.

The Progression of Gum Disease

For clarification on how the time-release capsule works, our Encinitas periodontist will explain how gum disease affects your oral health. Starting as colonies of plaque along the gum line, the bacteria that cause gum disease challenge the immune system and result in an infection. Gums become red and inflamed and eventually recede from the tooth as the infection spreads. The pocket formed between the tooth and gums is known as a periodontal pocket. These periodontal pockets contain the bacteria that perpetuate inflammation and disease. This is where the biomimetic capsules target gum disease.

How Biomimetic Capsules Work

According to Medical News Today, researcher Dr. Steven Little of the University of Pittsburgh calls the periodontal pockets “ground-zero for periodontal disease.” Injected into the periodontal pockets, the controlled-release capsules work to reduce inflammation and foster gum tissue healing. Since an inappropriate inflammatory reaction is one of the main perpetuating forces behind gum disease, researchers focused more on controlling the inflammatory aspect of the disease rather than the bacterial. In fact, the capsule releases a protein that encourages healthy inflammation, restoring an immune balance.

Time-Released Capsule Encourages Gum Healing

In clinical trials on animals, Dr. Little and his colleagues observed gum tissue healing and even re-growth as well as reduced symptoms of periodontal disease. In fact, the biomimetic capsules are suggested to help re-grow healthy gum tissue and even bone tissue that gum disease had previously deteriorated.

Periodontist in Encinitas

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