Can You Spot The Signs Of Poor Periodontal Health?

When you start to experience problems with gingivitis, several identifiable symptoms can affect you. By recognizing them and seeking treatment for periodontal problems, you can stop an infection from worsening and becoming difficult to manage. You should watch out for problems like gums that bleed easily, swelling of periodontal tissues, or reddened gums. If you often find yourself embarrassed by bad breath, it could be a sign that your periodontal tissues are infected. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal treatment office, we have advanced diagnostic technology we can use to check on the status of your gums. We can also provide important preventive services to restore your gum health.

Pay Attention To Your Teeth And Gums While Brushing And Flossing

How can you make sure you catch signs of poor periodontal health when they start to occur? Make sure you are paying attention to your teeth and gums whenever you brush and floss. Problems with sensitive periodontal tissues, swelling, or bleeding can be reliable indicators that something might be wrong. When you are aware something is wrong, you can bring the matter up with your dentist, or contact a periodontal specialist.

Undergoing Preventive Care To Protect Your Gums

If you have gingivitis, it is possible to reverse your condition and put a stop to your infection. Through scaling and root planing, we can make sure harmful bacteria attacking your gums are cleared away, allowing these tissues to recover. If your periodontal disease has already advanced past this stage, we can discuss supportive periodontal maintenance. This is an approach to teeth cleaning that can be beneficial for patients with infected gums. Supportive periodontal maintenance can take the place of traditional dental cleanings, and typically occur every three months.

We Offer Modern Treatment Options For People With Periodontal Disease

It can be upsetting to learn that you need help managing periodontal disease. With that said, you can be relieved to know that our office has several modern procedures that can make treatment easier than you expect. After an evaluation, we can recommend different strategies for improving the condition of your gums. We can directly target harmful microbes through ozone therapy, which destroys unwelcome agents while leaving friendly bacteria alone. In order to help restore infected areas, we can use laser technology to carefully remove unhealthy periodontal tissues so that healthy tissues can grow in their place.

Worried About Your Periodontal Health? Talk To Dr. Kania!

If you notice symptoms of gum disease affecting your smile, prompt care can make your condition easier to manage than you might expect. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, Dr. Kania has experience treating patients with different degrees of poor periodontal health. After an evaluation, we can work out what kind of care you might require in order to protect your gums. For more information about Dr. Kania’s services, contact her office today at (760) 642-0711.