San Diego Dentist: Bone Graft Procedures for Dental Implants

jaw bone with dental implantDental implants provide the most security as far as tooth replacements go. Implants won’t come loose or fall out during mealtimes, they color-match teeth, and implants don’t require special care. This is because implants function as natural teeth and help maintain your jaw healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, though, not every patient qualifies for implants due to insufficient bone mass. Dental implants only prove successful if the patient has enough bone tissue to support the implant, which serves as a surrogate tooth root. However, with a bone graft procedure, the patient may have the opportunity to receive the implant they desire.

In today’s blog post, Dr. Ann Kania, your San Diego dentist explains the bone graft procedure and how it aids in the placement of dental implants.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone grafting procedure is one that helps replace missing bone in an area of the body. This replacement bone could stem from the patient, bovine, synthetic glass material, or even a cadaver. Doctors prefer to use the patient’s own bone material, if possible, otherwise an alternative material is utilized.

Bone grafting is used for a number of medical procedures, including: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, or even otolaryngology (head and neck) surgery. Yet, bone grafting also aides in oral surgery when a patient with insufficient bone mass wishes to receive a dental implant.

The bone graft allows the area with insufficient bone mass to regenerate and provide a steadier base for the implant.

How the Procedure is Completed

Bone grafting in the mouth is a relatively simple procedure. First, your San Diego dentist places you under local anesthesia to make you feel more comfortable. Once you’re numb, the doctor creates a minor incision in the gum line where the bone graft is needed. After the bone is exposed, the dentist places the bone graft and covers it with a protective membrane. This membrane could come from the patient, bovine, or synthetically made material.

When the dentist has finished placing both the bone graft and the protective membrane, the opened gum tissue is sutured and is left to heal. If the bone graft proves successful, the patient should have the opportunity to receive their dental implant.

San Diego Dentist Offers Dental Implant Surgery

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