A Few Facts About Your Gum Health

You may not pay much attention to your gums on a regular basis unless you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease. Yet, along with your teeth, your gums are one of the most important factors in your oral health. Together with your jawbone structure, your gums and periodontal tissues form the foundation that supports your teeth. At our Encinitas/San Diego periodontist’s office, educating patients about the importance of preserving their gum health is one of the focuses of the education we provide all patients.

Your gums shouldn’t bleed

Bleeding gums is one of the first signs of gum disease, but when it first occurs, it isn’t usually accompanied by any discomfort. This can fool some patients into believing that it’s normal – or at least, not a threat – which can cause them to ignore the sign. However, your gums should never bleed when healthy, and if they do, then you should find out why by visiting your periodontist as soon as possible.

They shouldn’t pull away, either

In addition to bleeding, gums that are irritated or infected will also pull away (or recede) as the infection grows worse, creating large pockets between your gums and teeth. These may not be immediately noticeable upon first glance, but your periodontist can measure the pockets during your visit to determine the extent of the issue. If the disease has become severe, then the recession can also lead to increasing tooth sensitivity due to their exposed roots.

You can restore damaged gum tissues

If you do develop gum disease and it progresses beyond its initial stages, then it may cause serious damage to your gum tissues. Fortunately, we offer a number of treatments to help you restore your good gum health, allow the tissues to heal, and/or fortify them to rebuild your smile’s foundation. The sooner you seek treatment, the less extensive your disease will become and the less damage it can cause to your smile.

Learn how to preserve your gum health

Gum disease may be more of a danger than you know, but by understanding it better, you have a higher chance of protecting your gum health for life. For more information about dental implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.