A Few Disturbing Truths About Periodontal Disease

disturbing truths about periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease, more popularly known as gum disease, isn’t guaranteed to affect everyone, but it is common enough that everyone should be concerned about preventing it. If allowed to form, periodontal disease can also be destructive enough that everyone who exhibits it should be concerned about treating it. The best way to prevent gum disease is by being consistent about good dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. Otherwise, the condition can develop and evolve almost unnoticed, and prove more costly than you might at first realize to your oral and overall health.

Periodontal Enemy #1

It’s sneaky

Like tooth decay, periodontal disease is a result of overwhelming oral bacteria (which can grow unchecked). Unlike tooth decay, however, gum disease doesn’t cause pain and sensitivity at first. On the contrary, the symptoms of early gum disease (gingivitis), such as swollen and slightly bleeding gums, often go unnoticed until the condition grows more severe.

It originates in your gums, but can cost you teeth

Despite the fact that your periodontal tissues are the first to be affected, gum disease’s most prominent consequence is tooth loss. The leading cause of missing teeth, periodontal disease systematically attacks the tissues and ligaments that hold your teeth’s roots in place. In severe cases, it may also lead to infection in the jawbone supporting your teeth.

It’s an oral health issue, but affects your overall health, too

Perhaps the most disturbing fact about periodontal disease is the fact that it may indicate a heightened risk to your overall health, as well. The leading mechanism behind gum disease’s destruction is inflammation—certain oral bacteria manipulate your immune system and cause rampant inflammation in your gums. The bacteria can do the same in other areas of your body, as well, if allowed to enter your bloodstream through diseased, bleeding gum tissues.


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