3 Ways to Help Yourself Prevent Tooth Loss

older woman brushing her teeth at the sinkThe search for an ideal way to replace lost teeth is one of dentistry’s oldest endeavors. For instance, dentures were popular long before standards of dental hygiene were suggested. Though losing teeth has always been an issue, that doesn’t mean that humans were meant to lose their teeth as they grow older. The point of modern hygiene and dental care is to keep your teeth healthy, safe, and intact by preventing or combatting issues that can lead to tooth loss. To improve your chances of retaining your natural, healthy smile, your San Diego periodontist, Dr. Ann Kania, examines three ways you can help prevent tooth loss.

#1—Care for Your Teeth Like They’re Brand New

Like your new shoes, new outfit, or brand new purse, keeping your teeth clean is the best way to protect them. Leftover food particles on and between your teeth feed the bacteria that hide in dental plaque, which lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and possible tooth loss. Brush your teeth two to three times per day and floss at least once, preferably before bedtime.

#2—Take Bleeding Gums Seriously

Periodontal disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States, develops when bacteria overwhelm and infect your periodical tissues, or gums. One of the first signs of this infection, known as gingivitis, is bleeding gums. If ignored, gingivitis and gum disease can cause serious, and irreversible, damage to the structures that support your teeth.

#3—In Fact, Take All of Your Dental Health Seriously

Gum disease may be the most common reason for permanent tooth loss, but it isn’t the only cause. Tooth decay can cause a cavity so extensive that the tooth can’t be saved; poor hygiene can leave teeth weak and more susceptible to structural damage; and an unchecked chip or minor crack can worsen and destroy the tooth. By visiting your dentist regularly (at least once every six months), you can prevent most dental issues from progressing enough to cost you one or more teeth.


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