3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are a Better Choice

pondering why dental implants are betterWhen you’ve lost a tooth, or several teeth, your smile loses a vital part of its anatomy. While there are many options for replacing lost teeth, dental implants are the only choice that addresses the loss on a biological level. As a periodontist/Doctor of Medical Sciences, with world-class training from UCSF and Harvard, one of Dr. Ann Kania’s specialties is preserving patients’ oral structures through the placement of dental implants. Made from biologically compatible titanium, the reason why dental implants are typically a better choice for tooth replacement is because they become a permanent part of your jawbone’s anatomy, much like your natural teeth roots.

1—They Help Keep Your Jawbone Strong

Teeth roots provide structural support for your teeth; a canal for nutrients to reach your teeth; and stimulation that promotes the flow of nutrients to your jawbone and your teeth. When a tooth is lost, its replacement doesn’t need to be fed, but the jawbone around it does. Only a dental implant can restore the stimulation that keeps your jawbone strong and healthy.

2—They Can Prevent Loose Dentures

The gradual loss of jawbone density that follows tooth loss is one of the main reasons why replacement teeth, like dentures, eventually begin lose their grip. However, by preventing jawbone deterioration, in addition to anchoring your denture into your jawbone, dental implants help prevent your dental prosthesis from slipping and moving around.

3—They Work Even if You Already Wear a Bridge/Denture

The good news is, even if you already wear a dental bridge or denture, you may still be eligible for an upgrade with one or more dental implants. If your jawbone has lost some of its mass due to prolonged tooth loss, we may recommend a bone graft to increase its density to better support the implants.


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