3 Reasons To Set An Appointment With A Periodontist

While a general dental practice can help you avoid periodontal problems by offering preventive care, they may be less prepared to help when you already struggle with unhealthy gums. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can take care of you if you are trying to deal with periodontal disease, or if you are looking for a specialist’s insight into the condition of your gums. During an appointment, we can use diagnostic imaging technology to see how severe an infection of your tissues might be, and we can discuss ways to fight bacteria responsible for that infection. The type of care you receive can ultimately depend on what condition your gums are in when you arrive. While a scaling and root planing may be enough to help one person return to good periodontal health, another can require more involved services to avoid the consequences of gum disease.

1. You Can Receive Important Feedback About The Condition Of Your Gums

An evaluation of your periodontal tissues by a specialist can lead to important information about your gum health. With an analysis performed, we can see if an infection is present, and determine how serious it might have already become. If you are affected by gingivitis, treatment can protect these tissues so that your infection does not worsen and become more difficult to resolve. For those who are already showing symptoms of periodontal disease, we can review procedures that protect you against tissue damage and deterioration.

2. You Can Schedule Preventive Care To Stop Gingivitis

Through preventive services, we can halt the spread of periodontal bacteria and protect vulnerable tissues. Gingivitis forms when bacteria that accumulate at your gum line manage to move below your tissues. During a scaling and root planing, we can remove the harmful buildup of microbes so that your gums can return to good health. For those who are already affected by periodontal disease, supportive periodontal maintenance can stop complications from occurring.

3. You Can Deal With Tooth Loss Concerns Related To Periodontal Disease

Unfortunately, some patients will not see a periodontal specialist until their infection has already led to serious consequences. One consequence of periodontal disease is tooth loss, which occurs because of attachment loss resulting from the destruction of gum tissues. We can discuss the placement of dental implants to give you back your full smile! We are also able to provide services like PRP therapy, ozone therapy, and even periodontal treatment with lasers to take on serious infections so that you are less likely to lose more teeth.

Set Up An Appointment With Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA Periodontist!

Dr. Kania is prepared to help patients understand what is happening with their periodontal health, and she can recommend procedures that protect their gums from serious damage. To learn more about her services, please call our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice at (760) 642-0711.