3 Habits To Change If You Want To Take Better Care Of Your Gums

What can you do to make sure you keep your full, healthy smile intact? If you want to protect your teeth, you need to take your periodontal health seriously. After all, gum disease is the leading reason people lose teeth as adults. While our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can offer effective modern solutions for problems with your gums, you should make prevention a priority. By successfully preventing issues with periodontal disease, you can avoid situations where you have to worry about attachment loss and tissue damage from an infection. What you can find is that changing or cutting certain habits can have a significant impact on your ability to avoid problems with periodontal disease in your life.

1. Cut Tobacco Products From Your Life

Tobacco products can weaken your resistance to periodontal infections. If you currently smoke or use smokeless tobacco, cutting this habit out of your life can help you keep your gums healthy, while also providing important benefits for your general health. As part of our effort to help you maintain healthy gums, we can work with you on eliminating tobacco from your life.

2. Look For Ways To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Routine

Are you doing a good job defending your gum line when you brush and floss your teeth? People who practice better daily oral care habits can protect themselves against a buildup of bacteria that can cause infections to occur. Pay attention to what you are doing the next time you clean your teeth – are you putting effort into cleaning at their bases? If not, a buildup of plaque and tartar may cause gingivitis soon! We can offer an additional line of defense against periodontal disease in the form of Perio Protect. This at-home treatment allows you to apply antimicrobial agents directly to your gum tissues as part of your routine oral care practices.

3. Make Improvements To Your Diet

Consuming a smart diet that is low in sugar matters for your oral health, as sugars are the food source of harmful oral bacteria. You can take additional steps to protect yourself with better habits by consuming more calcium and Vitamin D, which help your body naturally defend your smile. A better diet can be particularly important if you already struggle with periodontal disease. This condition has been linked to issues like heart disease – by improving your diet, you can help control your risk for health troubles!

Dr. Kania Is Ready To Help You Keep Your Gums In Good Health!

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