Tobacco Products And Oral Health: A Quiz

womancigarettebreakingPatients who smoke or use other smokeless forms of tobacco may feel conflicted when it comes to quitting. While you may recognize that smoking cessation offers many benefits to your life and those around you, it certainly does not mean you have all the motivation you need to make that change (or all of the information or help). For instance, do you know whether tobacco affects your oral health? Do you know who you can turn to if you need some assistance with quitting? We encourage you to test your knowledge as an excellent starting point.


Prevent Periodontal Disease: Better Brushing

toothbrushesblueishProtecting your smile from the development of periodontal disease and its negative effects is often as simple as practicing excellent preventive care. As you know, one of the key components of effective daily hygiene is brushing your teeth. True, this practice that you have been performing since you were a young child offers exceptional protection against the inflammation and subsequent complications that may arise from gum disease. Not sure if you’re brushing your best? Consider some significant factors in ensuring your brushing is effective.


Important Questions About Wisdom Teeth

important questions about wisdom teethWhere your dental health is concerned, wisdom teeth (the informal name for your third set of permanent molars) are a bit of an anomaly. Unlike your other teeth, wisdom teeth are frequently removed for the benefit of the rest of your oral health. Also unlike other teeth, they typically don’t need to be replaced after extraction, since their removal helps restore your bite’s harmony rather than detracting from it. To help you better understand your wisdom teeth and the possible need to extract them, we answer a few important questions about your third molars and their role in your long-term dental health. (more…)

Periodontal Disease And Preventive Cleanings

preventblocksAre you suffering from periodontal disease but you feel strongly about maintaining a healthy smile? You may find yourself in limbo, not quite sure whether you need to schedule regular six-month visits that you once relied on for dental cleanings – or if your gums are still too unhealthy for this option. Patients who recognize that they are not ready for traditional cleanings (but require another type of treatment to keep their smiles in excellent condition) will find that supportive periodontal maintenance will provide preventive care as a way to enjoy excellent oral health.


FAQs About Treating Gum Disease

kaniagumdiseaseGum disease affects over 64.7 million adults over the age of 30. Without treatment, the disease can increase the risk tooth loss in adults, hurting both their appearance and overall health. However, there are options for treating the disease in the early stages and managing it if the disease has progressed to later stages. Treating gum disease is possible with the right procedures.


4 Benefits of Dental Implants

kaniaimplantMany of us assume losing your teeth means few options for enjoying a whole and healthy smile again. However, there is a tooth replacement option that mimics the stability and appearance of natural teeth in ways dental bridges and dentures simply cannot. The benefits of dental implants include a lifelike esthetic and the ability to eat and smile with confidence.