5 Ways To Help Prevent Gum Disease

kania gum disease preventionDid you know that once gum disease forms it cannot be cured? While we can definitely take steps to manage the disease and protect your smile from serious complications or the advanced stages of the disease, you can’t cure periodontal disease. However, if you recognize the warning signs and seek treatments in the inflammation stage you can potentially avoid the onset of periodontal disease. There are a number of different ways to help prevent gum disease.


A Closer Look at Oral-Systemic Health

a closer look at oral-systemic healthOral-systemic health refers to the connection between your oral health and your overall health; particularly, the influence that periodontal disease can have on your systemic wellbeing. The same processes that make oral bacteria a threat to your periodontal health can also prove detrimental to other body tissues if they’re allowed into your bloodstream (through damaged oral tissues, for instance). Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Kania warns that good oral health care, or the lack thereof, can have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your systemic wellbeing. Today, we help you understand the importance of the oral-systemic connection by taking a glimpse at other illnesses that poor periodontal health can contribute to.   (more…)

Do You Need A Deep Cleaning?

kania cleaningWithout treatment, gum disease can threaten the health of your smile, as well as the stability. Fortunately, you can take steps to help avoid the onset of the disease. If you begin to show signs of gingivitis (gum inflammation) we can offer preventive treatments to reduce your risk, such as a periodontal deep cleaning. Do you need a deep cleaning?


Can Your Heart’s Health Affect Your Periodontal Treatment?

Can Your Heart’s Health Affect Your Periodontal TreatmentThe oral-systemic connection, which describes the connection between your oral health and your body’s wellbeing, has been the subject of myriad research across the world. However, the fact that the condition of your heart health can affect your dental treatment is not a new revelation, and has in fact been recognized by dental professionals for decades.

If you’ve recently undergone surgery or are suffering from a heart condition, then you may not be eligible for some invasive dental procedures and an alternative treatment or procedure may have to be chosen. Today, we explain a few common heart health issues that can affect the course of your periodontal treatment, and the considerations that must be taken. (more…)