Can Your Heart’s Health Affect Your Periodontal Treatment?

Can Your Heart’s Health Affect Your Periodontal TreatmentThe oral-systemic connection, which describes the connection between your oral health and your body’s wellbeing, has been the subject of myriad research across the world. However, the fact that the condition of your heart health can affect your dental treatment is not a new revelation, and has in fact been recognized by dental professionals for decades.

If you’ve recently undergone surgery or are suffering from a heart condition, then you may not be eligible for some invasive dental procedures and an alternative treatment or procedure may have to be chosen. Today, we explain a few common heart health issues that can affect the course of your periodontal treatment, and the considerations that must be taken. (more…)

When Do You Need Treatment?

kaniagumdiseaseOften, people overlook the early signs of gingivitis or gum disease. By ignoring the early symptoms, the disease can progress beyond the stage where it can be reversed and instead must be managed. When do you need treatment? How do you recognize the early warning signs? With a preventive approach to oral health, we can help safeguard your smile against periodontal disease.


Do You Have Gum Disease?

kaniagumdiseaseMillions of people experience varying stages of this disease. Without treatment, gum disease poses a risk to the health and stability of your smile. Do you have gum disease? How do you recognize the warning signs? By understanding the warning signs of the issue you can seek treatment before more uncomfortable warning signs develop.