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How Deep of a Dental Cleaning Do You Need?

There’s more than one way to clean your teeth, and all of them are important at different steps in your dental hygiene routine. The most common is to simply brush and floss your teeth twice a day. In between brushings, the many kinds of oral bacteria in your mouth gather and form dental plaque, which can… Read more »

Your Powerful Smile

You might recognize the maxim, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Did you know, however, that studies have shown the human smile actually is contagious? It’s also the most widely recognized expression in the world, transcending language to portray a person’s joy and good will. As the subject of numerous studies, however, the power… Read more »

How to Fight Periodontal Disease with Lasers

As a periodontist, a significant part of Dr. Ann Kania’s life involves helping patients prevent or fight off periodontal disease. The gum infection affects over 80% of the adult population in the United States, and patients often don’t seek treatment until the disease has become a serious issue. Its most advanced form, called periodontitis, is… Read more »

Does Bad Breath Mean You Have Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease goes through many stages, is known by many names, and produces many symptoms to warn you of its presence. Bleeding gums are a common sign, but since they don’t hurt, they can be fairly easy to overlook for some patients. Chronic bad breath, however, is a bit more difficult to ignore, since other… Read more »

How Periodontal Germs Trick Your Immune System

Did you know that periodontal disease, or gum disease, is self-inflicted? It usually develops when bacteria overwhelm your teeth and gums. What may surprise you, however, is that the infection itself isn’t the most destructive aspect of periodontal disease. On the contrary, it’s your immune system’s exaggerated inflammatory response to mouth germs that does much… Read more »

Experts Say: It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

According to the American Lung Association, cigarette smoke is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, claiming over 393,000 lives each year. The numerous health effects of smoking are well-documented, but research continues to uncover evidence of cigarette smoke’s influence, and how not smoking can improve your quality of life. The good… Read more »

Children’s Gum Disease

According to the latest research, gum disease affects over half of the adult population in the United States. It can also affect your children if they don’t follow good hygiene practices, and if not treated, the infection can destroy the tissues and bone that support their teeth. Gum disease may not be as prominent in… Read more »

Bad Mood = Bad Gum Health

During an emotional time in your life, you probably change your behavioral patterns to adjust to your feelings. Don’t be tempted during those times to neglect your dental health.  Visit Dr. Kania during negative life events, such as trauma, stress, and illness, to defend against your risk of gum disease. Negative Life Events Studies show… Read more »

Vitamin C Keeps Gums Strong

The foods you eat are important because they affect your oral health.  There are a number of nutrients that are required for good oral health.   Vitamin C is an important nutrient that can help keep your gums strong, reducing your risk of gum disease. Dr. Ann Kania can assess the health and strength of your… Read more »

Brush Up on Modern Toothbrushes

Is a manual toothbrush as good as an electric toothbrush? Good, old-fashioned brushing, without batteries, can be as effective as using an electric toothbrush if you use proper technique and brush long enough. Most people, however, don’t brush effectively or for the full two minutes that dentists recommend. A power toothbrush provides thousands of brush… Read more »