When Is Supportive Periodontal Maintenance Appropriate?

Typically, people should plan semiannual general dental exams that include a professional teeth cleaning. This cleaning, sometimes referred to as a dental prophylaxis, may not be the best approach to caring for your smile if you have problems with periodontal disease. An advanced infection of your gums can make them vulnerable to harm, and may lead to attachment loss that causes you to lose teeth over time. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer an important alternative to traditional teeth cleanings for patients with gum disease. Through supportive periodontal maintenance, we can help you prevent attachment loss, and stop your infection from worsening over time.

Your Periodontal Problems Can Destroy Tissues That Support Your Teeth

When periodontal disease affects a person’s oral health, it can become a potentially serious matter. The infection can lead to the destruction of tissues that are needed to keep teeth in place. As a result of that damage, you may have teeth loosen, which can lead to their being lost! It should also be noted that unresolved issues with periodontal disease can lead to noticeable gum line recession, and it can lead to complications that affect your general health.

Should You Replace Traditional Teeth Cleanings With Supportive Periodontal Maintenance?

When an individual suffers from periodontal disease, supportive periodontal maintenance can be recommended in place of traditional dental cleanings. Your supportive periodontal maintenance appointments will occur at regular intervals – they typically happen on a three month basis. These special cleanings can be more involved than standard dental cleanings, and focus on protecting your smile from further attachment loss. These cleanings also protect your teeth from the threat of cavities.

In addition to providing supportive periodontal maintenance, we also offer scaling and root planing treatments, also known as deep periodontal cleanings. These appointments will involve the removal of bacteria beneath your gum line, and it can be an effective means of stopping gingivitis from worsening, and causing problems like attachment loss.

We Can Provide You With The Right Support Against Gum Disease

With considerable treatment experience and training, as well as advanced diagnostic tools, we are ready to determine how periodontal disease has affected you. With this information, we can recommend a custom solution for your troubles, with a focus on modern, patient-friendly procedures to fight the damage that gum disease is known to cause.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Supportive Periodontal Maintenance!

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