How Good Oral Hygiene Fights Periodontal Disease

encinitas oral hygienePeriodontal disease can lead to painful symptoms, and in severe cases, even the loss of your teeth. Which is why we recommend treatment to manage it and to treat cases that could threaten your smile. But you can also help protect your smile from the disease! In today’s blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA, periodontist talks about fighting periodontal disease with good oral hygiene.

The Link Between Poor Oral Health and Periodontal Disease

When we don’t take proper care of our teeth, this allows particles from the foods and drinks we consume to remain stuck on or between your teeth. As harmful oral bacteria begin to break down and consume the particles, this elevates oral acidity and coats the teeth in plaque buildup. This sticky layer hardens with time into tartar, and is linked to gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis. Lack of treatment to reverse gingivitis then allows periodontal disease to develop, and threatens the overall stability of your smile, as your gums frame your smile and help secure your teeth. Which means good oral hygiene and helps manage or prevent periodontal disease.

Brushing Your Teeth

You should make time to brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning for two minutes and then again for two minutes in the evening. Each session should include the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent inadvertent enamel or periodontal damage. Be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste too, as this helps strengthen outer enamel to keep cavities at bay. When you brush, be sure you reach every available surface. This can help limit how much plaque develops in between your checkup and cleaning visits, so you’re less likely to develop poor gum health.


You also need to floss every evening, which reaches the areas that a toothbrush alone cannot. When you floss, take an 18-inch to 20-inch length of tape and wrap each end around one of your thumbs and hold it taut with your index fingers. The run the tape up and down each side of the tooth, dipping beneath the gum line. You can then adjust the tape to use a clean portion for the next tooth. This can help fight bad breath and teeth stains, and also control inflammation to manage gum disease. You also need to see our team to have your plaque and tartar completely removed with a cleaning. If you have warning signs of trouble, such as sore, red gums that bleed easily, then we can offer a deep cleaning to help manage the disease!

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