Encinitas Periodontist Takes Personal Approach to Dental Care

Dr. Ann Kania believes that the most important part of treating her patients is educating them about their own oral wellbeing and what they must do in their everyday lives to maintain their healthy and vibrant smiles. Dr. Kania received her dental degree from the University of California, San Francisco, and completed her residency in periodontology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine As an Encinitas periodontist, Dr. Kania knows that chronic infections such as periodontal (gum) disease appear to be associated with serious health issues, including heart disease and diabetes, if not detected and treated by a specialist. Gum disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss, which can cause the bone of your jaw to weaken and lead to facial collapse in later years.

Helping You Prevent Gum Disease

You can take certain measures to help strengthen your defense against gum disease before it becomes an issue. While brushing your teeth daily removes debris from your teeth and protects against certain bacteria, professional care is essential to preventing gum disease. If you do not have gum disease, Dr. Kania may suggest a dental cleaning known as prophylaxis, intended to prevent infection. If it is too late for prevention, Dr. Kania will perform a comprehensive exam to determine the extent of damage and consult with you to decide the best course of action to control the disease.

Diagnosing and Treating Gum Disease

Your Encinitas periodontist combines her impressive education and experience with the latest technology to provide you with a fast and accurate diagnosis. Digital X-rays create sharper and more detailed images than traditional radiography, allowing for a more informed analysis of your specific dental needs. Your detailed treatment plan can include a deep cleaning, known as scaling and root planing, to non-surgically remove bacterial plaque and toxins. If this successfully controls the gum disease, Dr. Kania will continue your treatment into supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) to begin repairing the damage. As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Kania will have plenty of options to discuss with you if further treatment is needed to control the spread of gum disease.


Dr. Ann Kania has specialized in periodontics in San Diego’s North County for 15 years and is loved and respected by her patients and colleagues for her dedication. She proudly provides world-class periodontal care to all of her patients. If you are worried about your risk for gum disease, call (760) 642-0711 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Kania’s office is located at 345 Saxony Road, Suite 203, Encinitas, CA 92024. She serves patients from Encinitas, Del Mar, La Costa, Rancho Santa Fe, and all neighboring San Diego communities.